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Private Training Session

Recognizing the unique lifestyles of each household and the distinct personalities of every dog, our training is precisely customized to meet both your specific needs and those of your dog. Our core purpose goes beyond addressing your dog's behavior; it's about assisting you in becoming a pivotal role in their long-term development. We specialize in equipping humans with the confidence and skills needed to support and understand their dogs effectively.

Virtual Training Session

Virtual training can be a convenient option for numerous cases, allowing training to be conducted from the comfort of home eliminating geographical constraints and allows for flexible scheduling. However, it's important to note that virtual training may not be suitable for every situation.


To ensure the best fit, we offer a free phone consultation, during which we assess the client's specific needs and circumstances.

Board and Train

Our board and train program jumpstarts balanced life you may have always envisioned with your dog. I address issues, teach desired behaviors, and guide you to continue at home. After the training two week program is complete, we are here for one-on-one support, ensuring your confidence in maintaining the progress.

What Clients Say

"They did an amazing job socializing him and starting him with basic training, when I had no idea where to start. After his return home, they spent two hours with us and were able to return a few weeks later for another couple of hours as a refresher. Bandit is not 100% comfortable with new people/dogs or situations yet but I wasn't expecting that and he was only gone for two weeks- instead, he is significantly more flexible/adjusted and has had a great training foundation set. More importantly, I feel like I know how to move forward with his training and confidence building"

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