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Luisa and Joel are absolutely amazing! Our foster dog was needing some guidance with using the crate and decompressing during his first days with us, especially since he was afraid of the elevator. We had a virtual session with Sally’s Way and with their support we were able to work with him and after a couple of days he started happily getting in the elevator! Their advice and guidance throughout this process made us feel more confident and able to provide more support to our fosters in their journey to their forever homes.

Joel and Luisa are truly one of a kind. After a few sessions with them, our puppy, Ginger, is thriving. They are extremely knowledgeable and can help any family learn the tools for creating calm energy and balance with your dog. They shared techniques that helped our 8 month old puppy learn invisible boundaries, manners around other dogs, walking without pulling, as well as how to respect rules in our home. They spent unlimited time with our family working on recall, entering and exiting doors, riding in the car as well as behaviors in public spaces. Ginger absolutely loves (and respects) Joel and Luisa. We look forward to joining them soon on a pack walk. We could not recommend Joel and Luisa more. They truly can help provide you the tools to set your puppy up for a balanced and successful life.

I've had odd and uncomfortable experiences with dog trainers in the past so meeting with Joel and Luisa was a big breath of fresh air for this nervous dog mom. Their response time was quick and they were able to fit us in for evaluation within the next few days. I wanted to learn what we as dog parents needed to do to help our nervous dog Yuna and they spent 1.5 hours with us. We did not feel rushed or unheard. We walked around our neighborhood and also did house work and the answered all questions. We look forward to participating in some of their amazing pack walks and also having another session at my in laws house so the whole family can learn from the Diaz's. By the end of the evaluation session Yuna was so comfortable she was sleeping while we asked questions. 

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